Emergency Window Replacement

The windows in your home serve a number of important purposes. Those windows let in more natural light, help control the climate and temperature in your home and allow you to let in some fresh air too. That is why people are upset when they come home from work and find their windows broken or otherwise damaged. As Renascent Windows, we offer emergency repairs and emergency window replacement services. Let us repair or replace your windows to make your home feel safe and comfortable again.

  • Types of Window Damage

    Some of the more common repairs that we handle during emergency situations include cracks and breaks. A crack can range in size from so small that you almost don't notice it to one that runs the entire length or width of the window. As the crack expands, it can eventually cause the window to break, which will leave broken glass on your lawn or inside your home. Window breaks include a single pane of shattered glass inside an otherwise perfect window and windows that completely shatter.

  • Causes of Window Breaks

    There are a number of reasons why a window might break. Depending on how close you live to the road, you may find that a truck drives by at a high speed, hits a rock on the road and causes that rock to strike your window. Kids playing in the neighborhood might accidentally throw a ball or a toy through the glass too. While Memphis has a relatively mild climate, temperature changes are possible. Even if your windows use specially treated glass, there is a risk that temperature changes can cause the glass to expand, contract and eventually break.

  • Why Call Renascent Windows

    Calling Renascent Windows lets you take advantage of emergency window repairs quickly. Unlike other companies that might want to talk to your insurer, come out to inspect the damage and then schedule your appointment, we know that an open window is a safety hazard. Not only does it leave your home exposed to robbers, but it also provides wild animals with an access point. Squirrels, raccoons and even feral cats can slip inside and cause further damage. We can usually come out on the same day that you call and start work on your window.

  • During Your Emergency Window Appointment

    When you schedule an emergency window appointment, we will arrive at the scheduled time or slightly earlier. During your appointment, we will examine the damage and decide on how to fix the window. We will also clean up the broken glass. Though we can do most jobs on the spot, other jobs will require that we take measurements of the window or the glass to find a replacement from our warehouse. If we cannot repair it right away, we will schedule a second appointment before we leave. Renascent Windows is a locally owned and operated business with ties to the Memphis community and surrounding cities. If you need emergency window repair help, call us to make an appointment.