Memphis, TN

The winters in Memphis, Tenn., are extremely cold and the summers are hot, so installing new windows in your home or business can reduce your monthly climate-control costs. At Renascent Windows, our main goal is providing the best window replacement services at commercial or residential structures. The older businesses and homes in Memphis were built with old-fashioned windows that have one pane of glass and a simple wooden frame. These windows are not efficient because the wood frame degrades, permitting cold or hot air to enter a building.

If you have old windows in a business or home, then you will notice cold drafts in the winter and hot drafts in the summer. In addition, if the wooden window frame is degraded, then moisture can enter, leading to mold growth. You may also notice that insects such as mosquitoes and flies are able to enter a building around the edges of the windows or through the torn window screens. Today, it is imperative to have windows and window screens that can keep insects outside of a building to avoid conditions such as Zika virus or malaria.

When you install new windows in a residential or commercial structure, it can also make the building more aesthetically pleasing from the inside and outside. The technicians working at Renascent Windows will measure a building’s windows accurately in order to customize an installation. You can choose from a variety of window styles that open easily to permit additional airflow or that are designed to remain in place permanently. It is possible to have matching windows that are made in different styles for a variety of rooms to have a cohesive appearance.

The installation of new windows can increase the security of a home or business because we offer windows that have modern sturdy locking mechanisms. Having secure locks on the windows that are located on the first floor of a building and near to balconies is one of the best ways to prevent an invasion in the middle of the night. You can also have locking mechanisms to keep your children from opening the windows to prevent injuries from falling. With the right types of locks on the windows in your business or home, you can also request a discount from your insurance company.

If you live in Memphis, then you have noticed how dirty window glass is after rough weather occurs. When you live in a busy neighborhood, the dust from the streets can cover your home’s windows quickly. With the installation of slider windows, you can open the different sections of glass along with its frame to clean the panes. Contact Renascent Windows today to learn more about routine or emergency window installation, and make sure to ask for a free quote.