Bartlett, TN

New windows can add value to your home and reduce your heating and cooling bills too. Though some people assume that they cannot afford new windows, you may find that replacing your old windows can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. At Renascent Windows, we have services designed for those living in Bartlett, TN as well as surrounding areas. Once you learn more about some of the windows we offer and how quickly we can replace your old windows, you’ll want to give us a call.

The most common type of window is one called a double hung sash window. This refers to one that has a pane of glass on the top and a second pane of glass on the bottom. You can use the sash to lift and lower the window without any struggles. Casement windows usually have several panes of glass and a mechanism or lever that lets you swing the window out from the wall. Fixed windows are great for bathrooms and basements because these windows are fixed in place and do not move. You’ll also find decorative windows, awning windows and other types that are just right for your Bartlett home.

Do you hesitate every time that you get an electric or gas bill in the mail? The high bills that you get may be the result of poor insulation or because your home has older windows. Older windows can develop cracks and gaps between the glass and frame and other issues that lead to drafts. When it’s a cold day, you’ll need to crank the heat up because of the cold drafts that get inside. On warmer days, those gaps can let in more warm air, which leads to you turning up the AC. New windows can help you regulate the temperature in your home, eliminate high energy bills and even add extra value to your home.

Not everyone decides to replace all the windows in their homes at the same time. Some of our local customers call us because they need an emergency replacement on the spot. When your child tosses a ball through your window, a pane breaks when you slam the window closed or a rock breaks through the glass, you need a replacement fast. Leaving your Bartlett home exposed puts you at risk of thieves breaking in, wild animals running loose through your home or wind and rain getting inside. Our emergency services help you replace a broken window quickly and increase the overall safety of your private spaces.

The sooner you call Renascent Windows, the sooner you can take care of all your window problems. Our services include the replacement of just one window or a broken pane of glass as well as complete replacement of all the windows in your home. Call our office today to schedule a time for one of our trained window techs to come to your Bartlett, TN home.